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Graphic Design Services

Graphic Design Services

We offer full suite or specified Graphic Design Services.

Primarius - Logo
Spendarella - Logo
Spendarella, 2018
Qurator - Logo
Qurator, 2018
Defiant - Logo
Defiant, 2019


Sportan Industries

Spartan Industries
Brief : Design a new corporate image that will influence a broad range of potential customers who are sports enthusiasts or supporters

Design Services Delivered: 

• NEW Brand Identity Concept & Design
• NEW Corporate Identity : Logo & Palette
• NEW Corporate E-mail Stationery


Impetus IT 2.0

Information Technology Corporation Reboot
Brief : Redesign corporate image and bring a more contemporary brand image to life with high-tech character.

Design Services Delivered: 
• NEW Technological Character - GADGET (right)

• NEW Corporate Identity : Logo & Palette
• NEW Corporate E-mail Stationery
• NEW Corporate Printed Stationery
• NEW Computer Badges
• NEW Promotional Gifts
• NEW Business Card Design & Printing
• NEW Online Advertising Banners & Buttons
• NEW Website Design

Impetus IT 2,0 - Gadget


Cleva Coffee Company

Clever Coffee Company 
Brief : Create a coffee brand that is memorable, entertaining and relatable.

Design Services Delivered: Genius Professor Theme
• Corporate Identity : Logos, Iconography & Colour Palette
• Corporate Stationery

• Business Cards
• Coffee Labels & Mugs
• Website  
• Online Advertising Collateral 

Cleva Coffee | Icon


Warpath Fightwear

Importer & Manufacturer of Combat-Sports apparel
Brief : When Warpath Direct was split up into different entitities with different owners we were asked to create a second brand that's the same but different or related to the Fightwear Boutique's identity.

Design Services Delivered: Angry Panther Theme
• Corporate Identity : Logos & Colour Palette
• Corporate Stationery
• Clothing Designs & Mockups
• Website (2016, 2017, 2018)

• Website Redesign (2019)

Warpath Fightwear - Logo
Future Imperfect Video Intro / Bookend, 2018


Warpath Fightwear Boutique

Importer & Reseller of Combat-Sports apparel
Brief :

• Cool / Strong / Revolutionary brand required.
• Maverick business owner. Different.
• Web-presence with Online-shop required.

Design Services Delivered: Red Fist Theme
• Corporate Identity : Logos & Colour Palette
• Corporate Stationery
• Business Card Design & Printing
• Promotional Items
• Product Packaging & Labeling
• Search Engine & Social Media Advertisements
• Website & Graphical Elements

Warpath Boutique - Logo
Skyscraper City Video Intro / Bookend, 2019
Safety Barrier Video Intro / Bookend, 2018

'15, '19

Elektrika Electrical Services

Electro-technical Engineering Services
Design Brief : New Business. New Brand. Simple, to-the-point landing area with accompanying branding & marketing material required.

Design Services Delivered:
• Corporate Identity : Logo & Colour Palette
• Business Card Design & Printing
• Vehicle Magnets
• Full-Color Flyer Design & Printing
• Website (2015)
• Website Redesign (2019)

Elektrika Electrical Services


Online Business Directory Portal
• Corporate Identity : Logo & Colour Palette
• Corporate E-mail Stationery
• Business Card Design & Printing
• Newspaper Advertisements
• Vehicle Signage
• Online Advertising Banners & Buttons
• Website Design & Redesign
• Area Signs & Bins Banner


Liquid Document Systems

Document Management Systems Reseller
Brief : Vaughan is a CAD Designer. He came to us looking for a brand design that will knock the socks off anyone. He also knew he needed to make an impact on business presentations and wanted the brand's look to be extremely professional. This is what we came up with for Vaughan.

Design Services Delivered:
• Corporate Identity : Logo & Colour Palette
• Business Card Design & Printing
• Corporate Printed Stationery
• Corporate E-mail Stationery
• Corporate Presentation Elements
• Website Design

Liquid Document Systems - Logo


Visimap Professional

Mind Mapping Software
Brief : NDA Training wanted to create their first website for the mind-map software that they resell from Coco Systems in the UK.

Thereafter Coco Systems approached us to design the program icon for their Visimap software and the document icon for Visimaps saved on a user's PC.

Design Services Delivered to NDA Training:
• Website Design
• Compact Disc Design

Design Services Delivered to CoCo Systems:

• Visimap Program / EXE Icon
• Visimap Associated Documents Icon

Visimap Professional - Website



Accounting Software Developer & Reseller
Brief : GreatSoft approached us on extremely short notice - the morning of the presentation to animate a rev. counter to be used inside their pre-launch presentation that afternoon. Hoow could we resist?

Design Services Delivered:
• Revolution Counter Animation 
• Power Point Slide with matching Indycar sound whirring past.




Online Jobs Portal
Design Brief : Kobus is an entrepreneur. He needed a new Brand designed with an accompanying website. All he wanted was something simple and plain to get the "job" done.

Design Services Delivered:
• Corporate Identity : Logo & Colour Palette
• Online Advertising Banners
• Website Design

JobLine | Online Jobs Portal


NDA Training

Call Centre Training Specialists
Brief : NDA Training approached us to create a character for them which call centre agents would be able to relate to. The character would have to be used to convey it's own training message.

And so; "Happy Tones" was born.

Topics covered were:
• The Verbal handshake
• Negativity vs Positivity over the phone.
• Leaving callers in the dark.
Conveying Helpfulness over the phone.
• Opening the door.

NDA Training | Happy Tones


Business Warriors

Online Business Community
Brief : Many, many moons ago, we almost want to say once upon a time, Peter Carruthers (author & community site pioneer) put out a tender for his online business banners to be redone.

We won that tender by knowing what the banner standards of the day were.

Design Services Delivered:
• Online Advertising Banners
• Favourites Website Icon

Business Warriors | Online Banners - 160x600 px

'02 - '07

Impetus IT Solutions

Information Technology Corporation
For the uninitiated; Impulse Graphix™ used to be a service of Impetus IT Solutions. When Kinetik Marketing split from Impetus, Impulse moved along for the ride.

Design Services Delivered:
• Corporate Identity : Logo & Palette
• Corporate E-mail Stationery
• Corporate Presentation Elements
• Corporate Desktop Backgrounds
• Corporate Printed Stationery
• Computer Badges

• Promotional Gifts
• Business Card Design & Printing
• Magazine Advertisements : Computer Active, PC Format, Windows SA
• Newspaper Advertisements : Randburg Sun
• Booklets, Flyers & Invitations
• Vehicle Branding
• Office & Road Signage
• E-mail Advertisements
• Online Advertising Banners & Buttons
• Website Design

Impetus IT Solutions - Logo

A good advertisement adheres to the 4 AIDA Principles : 1) Grabs Attention, 2) Keeps Interest, 3) Builds Desire, and 4) Calls for Action.

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