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Website Design Services

Website Design Services

We offer full Website Design Services that will display your online presence equally beautifully on Phone, Desktop or Tablet.
We're also partnered with InfoTech corporations to do the development required to make our designs work seemlessly.

BTS - Website
Beverage Technical Services, 2002

We worked with Drago Advertising to create a website for BTS.

Drago - Website
Drago Advertising, 2002

Drago was so impressed with our work on the BTS website they asked us to create a website for them too.

English - Website
English Word Power, 2006

After working on the Happy Tones character for NDA Training they asked us to create a website for their Enlgish Word Power software.

Pro Imaging Photography

Brief : Yvonne is a Photographer. She wanted a professional online web presence to advertise her skills and services. This is what we came up with for Yvonne. The screenshot to the left doesn't do the final product justice, however. Photographs faded in and out gracefully. It was very austere.

Wildcat - Website

Brief : Design a gritty corporate logo and website for Wildcat Custom Motorcycles.

Bike Buyers - Website
Bike Buyers, 2016

Brief : Design a super-fast website for Bike Buyers where customers can upload photos of their motorcycles for sale in 3 easy steps.

Fire It Up - Website
Fire it up motorcycles, 2016

When we heard Craig Langton broke away from Cayenne we approached him to create the first website for his new business venture. He agreed.

Crazy Monkey Centurion - Website
Crazy Monkey Centurion gym, 2018

We approached Jacques Wagner from Crazy Monkey Centurion to redesign his website.

Monkey Jits Centurion - Website
Monkey Jits Centurion gym, 2018

We approached Jacques Wagner from Crazy Monkey to design his Monkey Jits Centurion website.

Primarius - Website
Primarius Graphic Design Agency, 2016

Brief: Design a corporate logo and website for the predecessor of Impulse Graphix, Primarius GDA focussing heavily on CMYK design theme.

Defiant - Website
Defiant fashion, 2019


Spendarella - Website
Spendarella, 2019

Brief: Design an e-commerce store for the Womens Items subsidiary of Impetus IT. We did some colour study and found the most perfect pink/purple combination imaginable as the Prrimary Brand Colour.

Website Redesign Services

We offer complete Website Redesign Services because from time to time a fresher more contemporary look is required.

Dave Adnams Art - Before
Dave Adnams Art - Before


Dave Adnams Art - After
Dave Adnams Art - After, 2006

Brief : Dave is an automotive artist. He needed a facelift for his website which would showcase his amazing talents.

English Word Power - Before
English Word Power - Before
English Word Power - After
English Word Power - After, 2006
Strijdom Park - Before
Strijdom Park - Before
Strijdom Park - After
Strijdom Park - After
Fast Date - Before
Fast Date - Before


Fast Date - After
Fast Date - After, 2004

Brief : Fast Date was a Fast Dating Event Service. They wanted to spruce up their web presence and have functionality that allows them to update their upcoming events. We partnered with Impetus IT to have an App created that allowed them to save their events to an online database which the website then read.

A good advertisement adheres to the 4 AIDA Principles : 1) Grabs Attention, 2) Keeps Interest, 3) Builds Desire, and 4) Calls for Action.

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